Sunday, May 1, 2011

Winter is Coming

There is one month to go before winter is here. I am now enjoying lovely warm sunny days. The days are starting off a little bit cool, and as the day progresses the day warms up, and then in the early afternoon it starts to cool off. The speckled shade over the backyard look nice and inviting, just to sit and read or knit or even do some patchwork.

I know when Autumn starts as the Liquid Amber next door starts to change colour.
There are not many trees around here that do change colour with the seasons, but this one does and it is nice to see.
There has been rain most nights this week which is great for the garden and grass and most of all filling the water tank. There was a bit of outside housework to be done. James is vacuuming and washing of the gutters of the house. I know it look funny to see someone vacuuming the gutter but we do need to get the rubbish (leaves, bits of barks which is light enough to float on the wind and nuts that the birds drop into the gutters) out of the gutters so we have some nice clean water to use.

James cleaning the gutters, with the lovely Liquid Amber changing colours in the background.

These are some photos of the flowers of Azaleas in my garden and a  Petunia in a pot. Autumn the garden is really pretty.

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Carm said...

Lovely flowers. The socks look great.