Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer is coming and we are going to fun this summer....Hopefully,
Would you believe it, got of the toilet (something we never talk about toilets, that is) and hurt my back. Since Wednesday last I have been lying in bed full of pain killers, sleeping and smelling of Dencor rub, which James say is just plain awful, and sinks the same – but what do I care.
Yesterday I got up for a little while; sitting is just not a good feeling. I hope that I haven’t done too much damage to my back as I have had the “needle” in the back last March which made me more human and I could do things, that I haven’t done in a long time. Now I am back to square one again. I do hope that I can get better without another needle.
This all happened, mainly because we had carpet laid. We have been wanting or should I say needing new carpet for the family room and hall way, really we could do with it in the other bedrooms too but seeing there is only the two of us here and no one goes into the bedrooms we decided against new carpet in those rooms. One room is the guest room with only a double bed in, another is where the computer/office is and James is the only person who goes in there. He also stores is Market Stuff in there, so there is not much room to move. The other room is my sewing room and no one would want to go in there as there is so much stuff in there, everywhere, BTW my sewing machine is in the lounge room and that room is getting the same as my sewing room. I have tried and tried to tidy/clean/de junk/get rid of, but for some reason nothing happens. I walk in turn around and walk out again totally overwhelmed, and then we go away again. The room is full of books/mags/wool/fabric/ and other stuff. All very precious to me.
Anyway getting back to the carpet, we don’t have much furniture in the family room which is just of off the kitchen but the furniture has to be moved. Neal and James did most of the moving, but there is a marble wash stand and that had to be moved. I didn’t want Neal moving it as when they were moving the lounge across the entry foyer they bumped into the door way and TV cabinet and nearly dislodged the TV from the top. So after that I didn’t want them dropping the marble top as it is over a hundred years old and I don’t know how brittle marble gets. So silly me lifted it into the lounge room and when the carpet layers were finished lifted it back. I shouldn’t have done that as now I am paying for it.  Getting of the toilet was the last straw. Hopefully I will get some treatment before we go away to Tuncurry next week. Being a short week I hope that will happen.

This morning, I had a morning tea with a neighbour, she came over to show us her photos of Ireland, and she spent with her friends 4 weeks there and in Paris and Wales. So she said yesterday she would be over to show us the photos as we had been there the year before. It was lovely remembering all the places that we had been to and some that only she had been to. I made butterfly cakes, there were lovely. It is a long time since I ‘played’ morning or afternoon tea. So after she went home and I cleaned up, and had some lunch I decided to have a lay down for about half an hour, well that didn’t happened 2 hours lately I arose. I must have been more doped up than I thought. I must say I do feel a bit better and today I have only taken 2 pain killers.
Hopefully tomorrow is another day and I will feel a lot better. I wanted to have the Grandchildren this week. But I don’t think that this is going to happen. I have 2 girls cousins both are diabetic and one of those is celiac, which makes for me being on my toes to keep up with the diet part of the time the girls have here. The 5 year old girl has nothing wrong with her and is pleasure to look after when she is here by herself I keep wondering if I have forgotten to do something. Funny that.  When they go home I feel as if there is a great big hole there and nothing to fill it as I don’t have anything to do.
James is getting the van ready to go to Tuncurry next week. We always go the Monday after school goes back, and we stay for 4 or 5 weeks. There are about 6 couples in their vans and one couple that rent a cabin for the time there. The men go fishing the women do different stuff and not together either. Some go swimming and some go shopping. I usually go to the beach for walks, to the rock pool for the morning and then just sit and talk to everyone that goes past. Our site in on the walkway from one part to the other at the back and most people walking through will talk to us as our van door faced the walkway. I have met some lovely people there over the 10 or so years we have been going as we have the same site every year.
I am still knitting a beanie. 

The pattern has only 11 stitches and a knit row. But boy is it taking a long time to knit. The needles I have the wool keeps slipping and I loose stitches and it isn’t until I get about 5 or so row later that I see it and then have to do the ‘frog’ stitch. I use pattern markers which I learnt about going the knitting group. Make is a lot easier to find out where the mistake is if you have made one and easier to fix. I wish I had known this earlier in my life my knitting would have been better somehow and I would not have given up on project so easily.

I had better go and get dinner ready, now, I would rather sit here but we both know that will is not going to happen got food to cook.
Hope you like the photos.
Until next time.
Live Life to the Fullest