Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh No It's December

Oh no it's December! Well that year has gone so fast, a blink of an eye. Christmas is on its way. I know that because the days are getting longer and warmer, if not darn hot. I often wonder what it would be like to have a 'cold' winter. You in the north of  the equator know about cold winters, with the snow and ice and all the warm food that goes with the colder weather. BUT then I think again.......I think that I will stick with the warm summer Christmases as everyone knows in the summer there is so much more to do. BBQ's in the twilight, swimming, long walks after dinner, the smell of insect repellent and or mosquito coils with their little wisps of smoke ascending skyward or any which way if there is a breeze if one is lucky enough to get a breeze, sitting outside with the night air looking at the stars with the mosquito's biting into the nice tender juicy skin that is exposed on an arm or leg or anywhere else the mozzies decided to feed, and the best part is that one in the south does not have to rug up against frost bite.

I decided that I would do something nice this year. Don't know what but I do know that I will think of something soon.

Last week I was walking through Big W and saw all the Christmas trees that they had on display and thought ‘that’s what I need a new Christmas tree.’ so I bought one. Then I went to the Kmart and bought some new decorations. It felt good, but I was a bit sorry for the old Christmas tree that we had  and served us for at least 15 years. So the old Christmas tree was pensioned off and today I took the 'old Christmas tree' with all its own decorations to the Sallies they were very excited to accept it. I know that someone will love the tree the same as we did.

They tree is up and decorated and it is looking lovely too even if I do say so.
The Presents are bought.
The present are wrapped.
Some of the food has been bought.
Some of the food has been made.
Now to give some thought to the menus for Christmas Day.
I''ll keep you all posted.