Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home Again

We arrived home from Tuncurry on Friday. We both didn't want to come home as we always have such a relaxing time, just chilling out, swimming in the rock pool,fishing on the beach and talking and eating with friends.
James was sick for the 1st week we were there but we got the camp set up in one day as usual.

Our Camp by the walkway, I do wish there was more grass.

The water was a nice 25 degrees just nice enough to stay in for an hour or so.
I also bought myself a nice umbrella for James to sit on the beach without getting to hot.
I was in the water so I really didn't need it. I did sit under the umbrella for a couple of hours on a few occasions and just sitting there was nice and relaxing, watching the children playing and the boats coming and going.

We did have a few days of rainy weather, which was OK, really, we just sat and talked to everyone that passed us by.
The Park was the fullest I have even seen in the 10 years that we have been coming. I think that the floods up north had a  lot of caravaners staying closer to home.
James caught a few fish, but really there wasn't a lot of fish around for anyone to catch and all was complaining about it.

James was very lucky to catch these fish all in one day.

James cleaning the fish he caught
There was one really big fish caught by our friend Howie.

Howie with his Tailor which was weighted 3kg. a nice big one and tasted great too.

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