Thursday, February 3, 2011

Books I have Read.

I thought that it would be a good idea if I had a list of books that I have read. Over the years I have read lots of book as one does, but never kept a record of them.
It will be very interesting just to see what type of books I like to read.


Barbara's books

House of Angels

5 of 5 stars

Kept me interested on every page.

I read this book in one day.

Looking forward to reading more of this author

The Frozen Circle

5 of 5 stars

loved it as I do all Peter Watt's book.

Great story line.

To Touch the Clouds

5 of 5 stars

Excellent as usual. Keep it up

The Lost Quilter

5 of 5 stars

A very good story about quilters and quilts

I will update the books that I am reading often

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