Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hand Knitted Socks

Knitted Socks
Twelve months ago I started knitting socks. My daughter asked me to, so in a moment of weakness I said "yes". In the past twelve months I have knitted 16 pairs of socks. Plain socks, Ribbed Socks, and a (one only) Firestarter Sock. The reason why only 'one' sock, I can not buy any more wool for the other sock but it was a learning curve, so all was not wasted.

Once I had read the pattern (several times), I found the pattern very easy to follow. I am not usually good a following knitted patterns. I love this pattern especially the gusset and the heel which I found to have fitted me perfectly. Some of the other socks that have knitted from the top down have not fitted me very well. I don't know why, just can not at the moment work it out.

The only thing wrong I found was that the top when knitting from the toe up it a tad tight, but I have fixed that by changing the size of the needles for the last two rows and then casting off. If anyone has any suggestions about casting off at the top please let me know what you think.

Firestarters sock. The pattern for the firestarter socks can be found at

Matching socks for me and my Sandi doll

These are the first socks that I have knitted. I think that they look very good.

AND these are the 2nd pair I knitted. I am getting better at this knitting.

These socks are just ordinary socks, but I got the stripes correct. It took a bit of doing but it worked out ok.

Jessica is learning to knit and she is very enthusiastic. I hope that she stays that way.

Julia is leaning to knit too and she is just as enthusiastic. I also hope that she stays that way too.

I also knitted this lovely yellow cardigan for my Sandi doll.

This has nothing to do with kitting but I just love this little doll. I made this doll some years ago.

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